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What is a 'Checklist'

In Site Specs a 'Checklist' is any form, inspection, checklist, or log you want digitized for your company. Checklists are fully customizable and allow you to specify the type of data you wish to collect and log. Simply create a checklist template, add it to your project(s), and start collecting valuable data from your job-sites with live notifications.

Site Specs Checklists were developed with all sorts of features that make data collection easier than ever before. They are even capable of collecting data automatically for users. This reduces manual data entry and increases the value of the data collected by standardizing the format.

Site Specs utilizes APIs (Automated Programming Interfaces) as well as machine-learning algorithms that will collect data like location, weather, catelogue objects and text in photos for you to make your documents and photos more searchable than ever before.

Checklists can be assigned to other project team members making it easy to collect signatures and field information from the job site.

You can attach documents and photos to questions in checklists seemlessly.