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How to add photos to Toolbox


To add photos to your Toolbox in order to mass edit or export several photos at once on the Site Specs website, users have 2 options.

  1. Users can select photos one-at-a-time by hovering the mouse/cursor over the photo they wish to add to Toolbox and selecting the Toolbox icon. Each photo selected will be available to mass-edit and/or export from their Toolbox.

  2. Users can use the photo searchbar and filters to filter photos, then Add all filtered photos to Toolbox by selecting that option using the button besides the searchbar.


On the mobile app, there is only one way to add photos to the Toolbox. Users have to select each photo one-at-a-time by navigating to each photo and selecting the Toolbox icon. Then the user must navigate to the To-DO List to get to the Toolbox in the mobile app.