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What is Checklists?

Checklists are like to-do lists but for construction projects. They are lists of tasks or items that need to be completed or inspected during different stages of the project. Checklists help ensure that nothing important is missed and that all necessary steps are taken to meet quality and safety standards. Workers use checklists to keep track of their progress and make sure they've done everything they need to do. They're like a simple guide that helps everyone stay organized and on track with their work.

Checklists types

Choose from template types

  • General
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Production
  • Equipment

You can also create any new type for checklists

Create new Checklist

To create a new checklist template at the Company level, follow these steps:

Navigate: Dashboard > My Company > Checklist library.

The "Checklist library" page displays all existing checklists and allows you to create new templates.

Continuing about Checklists:

To create a new Checklist on the Project level, click on the "Add checklist template" button. Checklists at the Project level will only appear in that particular project's "Checklists" page. You can add checklist templates from the company's library. You can also create a new checklist template with the "Create new checklist" button.

  1. Add Checklist Template Name
  2. Add New Emails: Automatically send the checklist to members or select from existing ones.
  3. Select Checklist Type
  4. Table of Content: Helps easily navigate through questions.
  5. Add Tags or Create New Tags
  6. Choose Preferences to Include in PDF
  7. Additional Settings
  8. Header Questions:
    • Header questions will appear in the header section of the PDF document.
    • Select Question Type:
      1. Quantity: Answer required in numbers.
      2. Date: Requires date/time or one of those.
      3. Short Answer: Requires a short answer.
      4. Single Choice: Answer by check marks.
      5. Yes/No Questions: Simple Yes/No answer required.
    • For each question type, additional settings are different.